Make A Robot Out Of A Cereal Box

How To Make A Robot Out Of A Cereal Box

The main target customers of cereals are kids. The breakfast and cereals often go hand in hand. They enjoy these tasty cereals especially in the morning in combination with milk or any of their favorite toppings like banana, vanilla, chocolate chips etc. The design of a cereal box should be made in a way which matches the taste of the kids. One of the most beloved designs is a robot’s construction. Different recycled materials like plastic lids, empty cans, paper towel etc are used in making a robot out of a cereal box. It’s an interesting and budget-friendly way to make fun with your kids. One of the simple ways to make a robot from a stash of recycled items is as follows. Some of the basic supplies you need are:

  • cereal boxes
  • various plastic and metal lids
  • aluminum cans
  • small soup or vegetable cans
  • Pringles containers
  • paper towel tubes, dried bean bags or newspaper for weight
  • Aluminum foil
  • bottle caps
  • metal nut
  • Whitepaper
  • scissors and craft knife
  • hot glue gun and tape
  • black marker


Step 1:
In order to give some of the weight to the body of the robot, you need to fill the cereal box with something. Stuff like an old shirt, paper towels, newspaper or dried bean bag can fulfill the purpose. Then wrap the cereal box using aluminum foil and apply tape to fasten.
Step 2:
Use scissors or a craft knife to make holes for arms in the side of the box. Use a paper towel tube for making arms and cut it down halves. Cover it with aluminum foil and put the tubes into the sides of the box.

Step 3:
Next step is to wrap different cans in aluminum foils. You can use plastic or metallic lids to decorate to the front face of the cereal box. Fit the lids into the cans to make eyes and glue it up. Bottle caps can be used to make eye pupils. The metal nut can act as a nose.
Step 4:
Now it's the time to make the mouth of the robot. For this purpose draw several lines on a piece of white paper and then make a single line through these lines. Use scissors to cut the mouth and fix it on the robot face with glue. Glue the head onto the cereal box. Similarly, decorate the main body by fixing some multi-colored lids or caps to give a more enchanting look to amuse your kids.
Step 5:
The last step is to make the legs for support. You can use some large sized cans and cover them with aluminum foil. Fasten them by using a hot glue gun. A complete video demonstrating how to make a robot out of a cereal box is given in the following link:


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