How to Buy Cake Boxes for Sale in Cape Town?

101 of Cake Boxes

Cake boxes, as the name shows are used for the packaging of the cakes, the main purpose of the packaging is to protect cakes until they reach in the customer’s hand. While transportation such cakes can spoil and deform, for their safety and protection cartons are necessary. In addition to this, they also protect bakery items from contamination and environment effects. So, different kinds of boxes are equally used as per the demand of the inside cake. Before buying one should be aware of their types.

Different types of Cake Boxes that are Dominant and Unique

Display boxes are used to place your products on the shelves, display customers and let them mouth-watered. In this, there is always an increase in sales, you can get new customers easily by displaying them your cakes.
Moreover, the corrugated material is at the second most favorite choice of the retailers and manufacturers as well. These are best for food items especially cake because they can carry more weight. These are available in different quantity of the layers.
Kraft is another bio-degradable material use for the production of cake boxes. These are affordable and equally alike by the customers.

Few online suppliers of cake boxes in the Cape Town
1. My box Printing
2. Pak Lane
3. ULine

These are the major suppliers of food items in Cape Town. They physically own their headquarters in the USA. Few of them have the largest stock of packaging. But My Box Printing provides only customized bakery boxes solutions. They are all affordable and reputable, provide free quotes and free shipping as well. Moreover, Uline charges for the shipping separately. Almost all kind of packaging and cartons could be ordered to them.

Some Materials that are Commonly Used in the Production of the Boxes

Cardboard material is used for production because these are easily available and affordable as well. In addition to this, cardboard material with embossing and deposing effects look more attractive. Because of their shiny and smooth surface, they are always demanding and remain hot among packaging suppliers and retailers.

Corrugated is another valued packaging material that is used for the production of all kind of bakery items. This is available in brown colors and fence trays for bakery items are yield by them. Because of its huge demand they can be labeled and customized.
Kraft is another packaging material used for the production of the bakery boxes. Kraft is the biodegradable and eco-friendly in nature and best suit for food items. It is famous because of unique properties.

Marketing through Packaging:

Packaging is widely used for branding and self-marketing. Attractive boxes that display their name on the box always point towards the company. In addition to this, the logo of the company, a unique design of the box with proper details on them is always lead towards branding. So, these are used as a marketing tool and help in branding in a long term. So, producing attractive, fascinating and up to the mark, the design is the first and foremost priority of all the marketers as well.

Why Window Boxes are Best for Cakes?

Window bakery boxes for sale actually display products clearly. They contain a UV coated thins plastic sheet that is actually glued and shipped in flat view. After folding they maintain the actual shape. In addition to this, these provide the demo to the customer and people love to see what they are going to buy, the flavor, layers and other stuff that is used to decorate the cakes are clearly visible through this. So, having display boxes must be our first choice for the bakery items.